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>> I have just noticed a mapper has mapped a Covid Quarantine area
> can you explain in 1-2 sentences what a quarantine area is (rules)? I guess the exact provisions may vary quite a bit around the globe and might merit tagging in more detail the implications

Basic human quarantine is isolation until you are clear of any communicable disease.

For Covid usually isolated for 2 weeks with testing at the end to see if you are clear.

Other communicable diseases: HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, neglected tropical diseases, viral hepatitis, Ebola ...

In this instance people returning from overseas are placed in to 'quarantine' ...

They may be well but may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.
They are required to isolate in a designated facility (usually a hotel) from other people to prevent the spread of the virus.
The quarantine period is 14 days from when you may have been in contact with the virus.

In this instance the designated facility is a miners accommodation that is ideal for isolation as each 'unit' is fundamentally separate from the others - no recirculated air.

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