[Tagging] multiple schools on one plot

Robin Burek robin.burek at gmx.de
Thu Apr 1 12:47:08 UTC 2021

Hey everybody,

in a chat of the german community we have discussed the problem, that in
some locations we have two or more school on one plot/ground. Sometimes
they use the same buildings.
So you have a "school area" and two or three schools.

There were the problem, that often the "school area" (as an area) and
the schools (marked as nodes) get the amenity=school-tags. So when you
have two schools, there are three amenity=school-tags. How would you
handle this? We (the german chat group) aggreed, that this technique is
not fitting, but there is no better method.

I would propose there to use the tagging-schema:

 1. only one school -> you *can *add landuse=school to the
    amenity=school-Area but it isn't required.
 2. When on one plot are multiple schools -> landuse=school for the plot and
     1. seperate nodes with amenity=school for every school or
     2. when only one building used by one school - amenity=school on
        the building=school


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