[Tagging] multiple schools on one plot

Robin Burek robin.burek at gmx.de
Thu Apr 1 23:24:16 UTC 2021

> I see this problem plenty in NYC as well -- property with one or more
> buildings which are shared by multiple schools. Usually it isn't
> possible to tell which portions of the property are used by which
> schools, so I map one amenity=school node for each school, placed
> somewhere inside the most prominent building.
> It makes sense to me to tag the school grounds with a landuse. The
> wiki says to use amenity=school as a pseudo-landuse tag for the whole
> area, but that seems wrong to me -- I don't want to map three schools
> when only two exist!
> I'd prefer landuse=education to landuse=school, but landuse=school is
> much more popular (due some imports I think.)
That is also possible! Thank you for this info.

Should we work with a full proposal-process to etablish the tagging
landuse=education or landuse=school as an "official" version? Then i
would write it down in few days....

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