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> "Usage rules," really.


If we were all sitting around a blank whiteboard 15 years ago, inventing
the tagging ontology for OSM, I would happily go along with something like
landuse=education (+ education=school?) to describe "a plot of land with a
school or schools on it".  However, the simple reality is:

amenity=school: 1.1 million tags
landuse=school: 5,800 tags (mostly concentrated in 2-3 countries)
landuse=education: 745 tags

With those numbers, and widespread data consumer support, please accept the
practical reality that amenity=school is the tagging used for educational
landuse.  If anything, we should consider deprecating the two landuse
values as they are likely to be missed by data consumers considering that
they account for less than 1% of the total.

Since OSM lacks a technical mechanism for backwards-compatible tag
renaming, we are "stuck with" tags that were poorly named or categorized.
I am against creating duplicate tagging schemes unless there is a
specific value to be gained with new tagging that provides additional
detail that cannot be achieved by extending the original tagging.  In cases
where duplicate tagging schemes already exist, I am in favor of eliminating
one of them.
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