[Tagging] multiple schools on one plot

António Madeira antoniomadeira at gmx.com
Fri Apr 2 04:33:43 UTC 2021

When I say "more comprehensive", I mean it can refer to more amenities
than just a school. It can refer to universities, kindergartens,
colleges, etc.
The tag landuse=school seems more limited to me than landuse=education,
just like landuse=factory would be more limited than landuse=industrial.

In the case that you mention, with several schools in one building,
nodes will do the trick, like you seem to have discovered yourself.
And I'm not differing from actual tagging, the use of landuse=education
exists and it even has its own wiki (although that doesn't mean much,
really). I didn't even know it existed till yesterday, but I'll give it
my preference in future mapping if the only merit of landuse=school is
its wider use.


Às 00:35 de 02/04/2021, stevea escreveu:
> You can call me as "preferring legacy" here, I don't fully know what that means, as I can see how landuse=education might make sense to the thinking of many (here).  Then again, it is good when we have "one tag, one concept" and a sub-tag does the rest (or, if truly necessary, subtags).  OSM strikes a balance here.  "Usage rules," really.  If one or many wish to or actually use landuse=education, well, there it is.  (Or, there they are).  But say what you mean as you do so, especially as education is distinct from school.  A wiki for landuse=education would be a good place for this, of course.  Yada, proposal, yada.
> Even if the lines start out as a little bit smeared, though, I think it's good to sketch out what we mean when we start using two (or more) tags for "largely the same thing."  And what we mean with the fine gradations of distinction as we do so.  "Bright lines of paint" for such distinctions do seem to better emerge over time, I've noticed, but not always.  This makes the "balance" a double-edged sword, so let's be careful around sharp objects (multiple syntaxes for what is one enlarging semantic).
> Near me, we have an "alternative elementary school" (which is actually the historic century-old school from the start of the town that is now effectively the eastside of my city) where four nodes each do their best to describe the four "alternative schools" (for usually K-6 but it varies) located in a two-story, long-hallwayed schoolhouse with four separate administrations in that building, which WAS an elementary school for a half-century or so.  The building itself is tagged amenity=school.  This tagging has worked for the 10 or 11 years since I think I tagged it back then.  I think it's fairly typical (around here and widely, especially as charter schools and home schooling have so many ways to "anchor" their administration in creative ways like this) at least in the USA and maybe elsewhere.
> In short, we seem to have what we need to have for a certain kind of "schools mix on one location."  But if there is a need to coin a new tag like landuse=education, and/or something fancy like site relations, OK, I can see the need to mix and match, but please be clear and say so, especially in light of how this differs from existing tagging.  Apologies if that is too explicit a request.  Say what you mean (exactly) by "comprehensive meaning."  That's an easy phrase to abuse.  If you can't be exact, I (for one) expect your best.  Thank you.

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