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It’s a good point and one I actually went back and forth on myself!

I went with it in the end because club=golf is listed in the on the club page and there is no defined restriction on a club being non-profit. Therefore if the definition of a clubhouse is where a club meets, then clubhouse seems to fit linguistically as well as by criteria. The definition on the golf=clubhouse page also didn’t seem much different from what I am proposing.

It would also seem a little odd for me to have golf as the one sporting exception.

Something I’m definitely open to changing though – so if others have thoughts on it, I’m open to it. I’ll also make a note on the proposal discussion page.


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Thank you for a well-written proposal!  I agree with most of it, but I am not sure about the deprecation of golf=clubhouse.  Even though they share the same naming convention of "club", a golf "club" or country "club" is usually a business that operates a golf club as opposed to a community club in the more traditional sense.  But, I am not a golfer and so I hope to hear from others on this topic.

On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 10:22 AM nathan case <nathancase at outlook.com<mailto:nathancase at outlook.com>> wrote:
Following on from the discussions in this mailing list, please find a proposal for amenity=clubhouse


Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

Thanks everyone for their input so far.
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