[Tagging] Instituto Cervantes (and similar government sponsored cultural institutions)

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Sun Apr 4 09:11:56 UTC 2021


Le 04.04.21 à 10:19, Héctor Ochoa a écrit :
> I don't see those tags on the wiki

you're right, it's an issue.
Once you have decided which one to use, feel free (and please do so)
to document it.

I'm not at all convinced by cultural_association, because it would mean
that there would have to be a value for each type of association.
isn't the place you describe similar to a place that would highlight the
culture of ancient roman or photography? if so i would tend to tag it as
a cultural center, with possibly a sub-tag if you want to describe the
operator or the details of what it contains (a bit like you can do for
libraries and museums)


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