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On 04-04-2021 11:46, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> I believe I have already introduced these, neighbourhood is the smallest, above there is quarter, than suburb. Do we need even more?
> I was assuming neighbourhood would suit housing developments.

I fear neighbourhood is just a bit too large (and too specific) for a
generic named area, and neighbourhoods have the connotation of being
much more part of an 'official' (or at least commonly acknowledged) and
broadly recognised subdivision of a place than a mere housing development.

For example: http://jeroenhoek.nl/temp/kadewartier.jpg

Here these several blocks of new houses share a name used by the
developers: Kadekwartier. Now it remains to be seen of course if such a
name sticks in the long term, but note that the name is even posted in
huge letters on top of the lower-left terraced row.

That's in your face ground-truth that is. :)

This housing development lies inside of a place=neighbourhood already,
and it doesn't fit the semantics of place=city_block (it is also
conceivable that this tag's semantics need broadening).

Naming the landuse=residential is currently the best fit:

And yes, the current three urban subdivisions seem insufficient at
times. A recent discussion on the Dutch forum saw us stumped on how to
tag the myriad of subdivisions of Amsterdam's Bijlmer area.

It's a problem that I think warrants looking into, but the current state
of affairs is that landuse areas can be named, and deprecating them
would require an alternative.

For the currently proposed landuse=education it shouldn't be harmful to
follow the currently accepted practice of naming landuses where
appropriate. I agree that such naming might point to the need for
further refinement (such as a dedicated 'campus'-tag or a tag for the
'integral child centres' I mentioned, which I suspect have a German
equivalent), but those could be tagged in addition to landuse=education,
which they would extend/imply. In practice educational facility tags
already do this be implying educational landuse (which is now proposed
as an explicit tag to augment it).

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