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Mon Apr 5 16:14:42 UTC 2021

Hello Jeroen W., Hello Jeroen H.,

thanks for pointing out the Carto issue, I was not aware that that's going to be a problem. I took a quick look into the code there and it _SEEMS_ easy enough to update the part of the project-file

 (CASE WHEN railway = 'preserved' AND service IN ('spur', 'siding', 'yard') THEN 'INT-preserved-ssy'::text
into something like
 (CASE WHEN (tags->'railway:preserved' = 'yes' OR railway = 'preserved') AND service IN ('spur', 'siding', 'yard') THEN 'INT-preserved-ssy'::text

Alas, I'd have to find a way to test that and I've not yet figured out how. But from what I gather from the source code this shouldn't take hours to make it work. I will look into that further.


On Tagging-ML Jeroen Hoek wrote:

I've asked a mapper whose specialty is maintaining railways in the
Netherlands, and they indicated that the lack of rendering in Carto
holds them back from migrating to the newer standard. Carto has an issue:


Would a patch that at least adds the same rendering as
`railway=preserved` for `railway=rail` + `railway:preserved=yes` be
accepted in Carto at this point?

On Mon, 5 Apr 2021 15:48:02 +0200 Discussion list for users and developers of OpenRailwayMap and railway-related stuff of OpenStreetMap openrailwaymap at openrailwaymap.org said

> Dear Kai,
> Currently I’m a bit confused about this issue. Why does Carto, the most
> widely used renderer, still query for preserved railways in the old way? As
> far as I can recall, this inconsistency with the tagging conventions is
> present for quite some time now.
> I think that resolving that issue would motivate more people to help
> migrating to the new tagging scheme.
> Best regards,
> JJJWegdam

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