[Tagging] [Taggin]/[openrailwaymap] Re: RFC - Discourage railway=preserved

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Mon Apr 5 16:34:14 UTC 2021

On 05-04-2021 18:14, osm at poppe.dev wrote:
> thanks for pointing out the Carto issue, I was not aware that that's
> going to be a problem. I took a quick look into the code there and it
> _SEEMS_ easy enough to update the part of the project-file
> (CASE WHEN railway = 'preserved' AND service IN ('spur', 'siding',
> 'yard') THEN 'INT-preserved-ssy'::text
> into something like
> (CASE WHEN (tags->'railway:preserved' = 'yes' OR railway = 'preserved')
> AND service IN ('spur', 'siding', 'yard') THEN 'INT-preserved-ssy'::text

Four times that same construct it looks like.

Also, don't forget line 881 which excludes preserved railway lines from
low-zoom rendering.

> Alas, I'd have to find a way to test that and I've not yet figured out
> how. But from what I gather from the source code this shouldn't take
> hours to make it work. I will look into that further.

I have found the easiest way is to follow the Docker instructions:


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