[Tagging] Colocated school/churchgrounds (was Re: multiple schools on one plot)

Minh Nguyen minh at nguyen.cincinnati.oh.us
Mon Apr 5 20:47:29 UTC 2021

Vào lúc 10:24 2021-04-05, Jmapb đã viết:
> On 4/5/2021 4:14 AM, Minh Nguyen wrote:
>> In the United States, where I live and map, parochial schools (or
>> other religious elementary schools) are very often colocated with
>> churches. The church and school share many facilities on the grounds
>> ....... I choose amenity=school instead of landuse=religious for the
>> grounds because it has more similarities to a dedicated schoolground
>> than a dedicated churchground, if only because schools typically
>> require more infrastructure than churches do.
> IMO as long as the school in question is a religious school, using
> landuse=religious is appropriate. I've done this many times in
> situations similar to what you're describing.
> I'd never put a church inside of an amenity=school polygon unless the
> answer to "Is the church located inside the school?" is "Yes."

If there were a landuse=educational or something to that effect, do you 
think it would be more attractive than amenity=school for the shared 
grounds? In other words, is the concern that the church is being 
subordinated to the landuse-like amenity=school, or that nothing is 
explicitly tagged as the grounds of a church?

minh at nguyen.cincinnati.oh.us

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