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On Wed, 7 Apr 2021 at 13:56, joost schouppe <joost.schouppe at gmail.com>

> Facade gardens are miniature gardens in urban areas. How to recognize
> them:
> - perched against a private facade

Facade usually means the front of a building, as is shown in your
examples.  But I could imagine one of these in front of the wall
defining the curtilage of a property - one of these on the pavement
in front of the wall (or fence) and a private garden behind the
wall.  Probably unlikely, but not impossible - it depends if
the purpose is to provide a little urban greenery or to give
a property owner without a curtilage a little mini garden.

- replaces existing pavement, usually a hole in the sidewalk

Not that it really matters for mapping them, but I'm curious if
the local government is involved to the extent of approving it,
removing paving slabs, etc., or if anyone who feels like it can
dig up a bit of pavement without needing permission.

> While tiny, local governments encourage the creation of these gardens for
> their perceived positive effect on neighborhood livability, air quality and
> heat island effect. It is unclear to me if this concept is known in other
> countries than Belgium and Holland, so it is unknown if facade_garden is
> the best possible term to use here.

I've not seen it around my town, although I have seen planters placed by
the local council on"dead" areas of sidewalk.  It's possible they could be
replaced by a mini-garden in the future.

Since it's possible that these could be implemented adjacent to the road
rather than adjacent to the property (maybe that's not the case in the
Netherlands right now but might be the case in the future or in other
countries) how about sidewalk_garden?

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