[Tagging] Proposed rewrite Of highway=track wiki page - Third Draft

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Thu Apr 8 22:12:24 UTC 2021

On Thu, Apr 08, 2021 at 01:18:38PM -0700, stevea wrote:
> So, it is not always clear that people are "randomly" tagging access
> tags, although I'm sure this does happen on occasion in OSM, which
> certainly CAN be problematic.  Other times, people are not "simply
> feeling that something is out of bounds," they might actually know
> (even without signs or "on the ground" evidence) that something IS (or
> is NOT) a certain, legal access of one value or another.  So,
> "problems" of access are not always so apparent.  Let's not
> second-guess extant tagging, as if we do, the entire project
> collapses.  We might agree that access tags that are in the map are
> something we can trust, but they don't always arise from explicitly
> posted access:  they might, they might not, since the reality of how
> an access tag became established in the mind of a mapper who entered
> it (let's assume accurately) both can be and is more complex than
> simply seeing a sign on the ground.

The point is that its one of the fundamental principles of OSM 
that we collect facts not fiction. We collect stuff which
can be validated by anyone willing to visit a certain place.

If we start adding stuff with random private knowledge or fiction
which is not possible to validate on site we open a huge can of worms.

Most jurisdications (US may be different) explicitly state that
the public needs to be able to observe legal state. E.g. for
Germany, as long as there is no fence, signs or gates the public
can not observe that property is private and owners may not
assume so. So as long as there is no explicit observable fact
there is no way of liability or prosecution.

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