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Am Fr., 9. Apr. 2021 um 10:30 Uhr schrieb Jeroen Hoek <mail at jeroenhoek.nl>:

> On 09-04-2021 01:11, Minh Nguyen wrote:
> The questions I would ask when encountering a school and a place of
> worship on one terrain is whether these really aren't two plots after
> all, and if not, whether this is (for example) a school which happens to
> have something like a chapel, or a church which provides a school as
> well, and choose the one that is the most prominent.

The reason this causes problems is, that "landuse=religion" isn't clearly
defined. The wiki does not restrict the usage to place of worship. It is
land used for "religious purposes" and can, according to the wiki, include
"meeting halls, educational facilities, domestic quarters for the residing
religious leaders, gardens, memorials, statues, historic relics, bell
towers, grave yards and other common amenities, such as parking, storage,
and other buildings in support of the main facility." What is "the main
facility" referring to? The tag was discussed but AFAIK never voted

IMHO "religion" is orthogonal, in many cases that aren't actual places of
worship, to other established landuse classes (e.g. administration,
education, residential, ...)

Can a university for the formation of priests be seen as landuse=religious?
(IMHO probably yes). What about the administration of the church? A
christian nursing home? A hospital run by the church? A kindergarden run by
nuns? A hostel for pilgrims run by the church? A hostel predominantly used
for pilgrimage but privately operated?

I am living in a city where a quarter of the housing is property of the
church. Is this all landuse=religious?

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