[Tagging] Colocated school/churchgrounds (was Re: multiple schools on one plot)

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Fri Apr 9 09:57:13 UTC 2021

On 09-04-2021 10:47, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> The reason this causes problems is, that "landuse=religion" isn't
> clearly defined. The wiki does not restrict the usage to place of
> worship. It is land used for "religious purposes" and can, according to
> the wiki, include "meeting halls, educational facilities, domestic
> quarters for the residing religious leaders, gardens, memorials,
> statues, historic relics, bell towers, grave yards and other common
> amenities, such as parking, storage, and other buildings in support of
> the main facility." What is "the main facility" referring to?

The tagging documentation leaves leeway for mappers to judge the best
fit for the many possible scenarios. That's not always a bad thing.

> IMHO "religion" is orthogonal, in many cases that aren't actual places
> of worship, to other established landuse classes (e.g. administration,
> education, residential, ...)
> Can a university for the formation of priests be seen as
> landuse=religious? (IMHO probably yes).

Choose the dominant function. That usually works. I don't know who
introduced landuse=religious, but its intent seems to be tagging of the
grounds associated with a place, or places, of worship.

> What about the administration of the church?

Could be office=* on a landuse=commercial if it is in some office
building, or part of a landuse=religious area if part of a larger church

> A christian nursing home? A hospital run by the church? A
> kindergarden run by nuns? 

Tag their primary amenity. The fact that a school, care facility, or
hospital has a religious signature doesn't make it landuse=religious.
Their landuse is derived from their primary, dominant function (in these
cases implied by their amenity-tags). Perhaps the wiki should be edited
to highlight that?

> A hostel for pilgrims run by the church? A
> hostel predominantly used for pilgrimage but privately operated?

Could be landuse=religious, but I would expect at least a chapel or some
other place of worship there. Otherwise as above; tag their primary

> I am living in a city where a quarter of the housing is property of the
> church. Is this all landuse=religious?

Nope. landuse=residential, unless it is a dormitory for a convent or
something. I don't live on a landuse=commercial just because the bank
owns part of my house. :)

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