[Tagging] Deprecation of landuse=forest

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 08:29:16 UTC 2021

On 12/4/21 1:44 am, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> I have looked at this for the first time today.
> Before, judging from the subject line, I thought: Ok, someone wants to 
> map some forest details, I'm fine with that.
> Now I find out that instead someone wants to deprecate landuse=forest 
> which is used over half a million times in my country - basically for 
> anything that has trees on it but is not completely unmanaged.
> It was certainly not the intention of the original author, but I do 
> feel a little tricked here. Saying clearly that you want to get rid of 
> landuse=forest would have made me look at this more closely!
> I have now voted against the proposal. In my eyes, mapping boundaries 
> (and sub-boundaries) of managed forests is a niche interest. For me as 
> a non-forestry-expert, I'm mainly interested in where trees are and 
> where no trees are. 

So why use landuse as that key is for 'the human use of the land'? I' 
recommend the tag natural=wood is the tag to use for 'here be trees' - 
Note that the key 'natural' is for both 'natural' and 'man altered' things!

> I don't care much for whether an area is theoretically under forestry 
> management or not. There is room in OSM for niche interests, I have no 
> problem with that, but I won't let a niche interest tell me that half 
> a million forests in Germany need to be re-tagged now (and possibly 
> even with some fuzziness along the borders, like "uh the managed area 
> ends here, yes there are still trees after that but those are not part 
> of the forestry area" and stuff like that).

Same thing happens for national parks - trees don't follow human 

Unfortunately some national parks are tagged with natural=wood and then 
others have come along and added holes in the tress for lakes etc .. not 
realizing that it also excludes the national park from those areas.

> I'm sorry for not chiming in earlier, I would have if the subject had 
> told me that the plan is to get rid of landuse=forest altogether.


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