[Tagging] RFC - Discourage railway=preserved

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Wed Apr 14 12:16:10 UTC 2021

Hi Marc,

of course, not everything needs to be railway:, I was merely saying that it's not wrong to do so - neither is it wrong to use a different tag. I read your reply of usage=preserved - that is something one would have to think about, yet a railway around my corner is preserved (it's maintained by a heritage company), yet it's tagged with usage=branch (and not tourism) because it has a frequent use for freight, a summer-non-covid use for tourism and a proposed used for passenger/tram (which COULD see a change from railway=rail to railway=tram) services, so I wonder if usage would be the right major tag to use here (because I'm unsure if this situation is negligable unique or if this is a common theme).


On Wed, 14 Apr 2021 13:42:23 +0200 Tag discussion, strategy and related tools tagging at openstreetmap.org said

> Le 14.04.21 à 13:07, osm at poppe.dev a écrit :
> > I can not, under no circumstances, follow the argument, that adding
> > railway:preserved=* would be over-namespacing. Simply because there are
> > already (according to taginfo) 1171 tags, starting with the
> > railway:-namespace
> that doesn't mean that evevery tag about railway should have
> a namespace with railway
> for ex railway=rail doesn't use a namespace
> and so proposing railway:object=rail would be for example useless.
> the same with usage. no need for railway:usage=main, usage=main
> is fine
> the other issue is that preserved is a value, for a key
> that may have several other value (if a rail isn't preserved=yes,
> what's it is ? usage=main/.... ? is os usage=preserved is
> better than preserved=yes main=yes value3=yes value4=yes
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