[Tagging] Removing landuse=military from military=barracks

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Am Mi., 14. Apr. 2021 um 19:32 Uhr schrieb Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <
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> I am getting a bit lost here, all the examples mentioned are correctly
> reflected in the proposal and in the current wiki page.

I tend to disagree. The military=barracks was documented and used for army
bases, and while the proposal may have been different, current usage is
still like this. *"Military barracks* where military personnel live and
sleep, normally part of a larger military base or installation." says the
contrary, that this is just for buildings inside a base, not for a base
with all of its buildings ("where soldiers live and work", the former
definition, which thankfully has survived as a note on the current page).

So if I understood the question correctly:
> Should it be mandatory for military=barracks to be tagged also with
> landuse=military.

IMHO it does not matter, as the landuse is already implied.

> military=barracks should designate an area where military personnel live
> and sleep.  Does this implicate that this is by definition land used for
> military purposes.  In my option not (having served in NATO in Germany,
> where many barracks are in the regular residential areas, either single or
> grouped in a more designated suburb, neighbourhood or other.  So the
> landuse may differ, it can be landuse=military as being part of a separate
> military base (yes sometimes called something barracks as is described in
> the wiki), but it can also be landuse=residential

not every place where the people live and sleep, is residential landuse.
Think about prisons. The fact that all the people are soldiers, accomodated
by their employer, the military, makes it military landuse.

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