[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Electric) Scooters

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Sun Apr 18 10:51:49 UTC 2021

On 18.04.21 12:20, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging wrote:
> Note that in many cases mobility scooters are legally considered to be 
> pedestrians, or de facto equivalent to pedestrians.
> Maybe even in all cases? When this new key would be needed?

As you say, this keyword might not be very useful as an access key. But 
the proposal is also about establishing keywords for different types of 
vehicles. So, this might be used like mobility_scooter:rental or
service:mobility_scooter:repair (or mobility_scooter:repair, depending 
on which tagging scheme you prefer).

A typical wheelchair is smaller and more manoeuvrable than a typical 
mobility_scooter, so it might be useful to add this fact on a barrier or 
ramp that is too narrow to be used with a mobility scooter.

I can't come up with an example, but I feel like there are cases where 
e.g. wheelchairs (as required medical equipment) are allowed but 
mobility scooters (as convenience device) are not. I think there was a 
case about the transport of mobility scooters in buses here a while ago.

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