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Mon Apr 19 09:34:29 UTC 2021

On Sun, 18 Apr 2021 at 11:31, Jan Michel <jan at mueschelsoft.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> a while ago I started to write a proposal for small electric vehicles.
> We split that up into bicycles (which got approved almost a year ago)
> and other types of electric vehicles, mainly in the category of
> 'scooters'. As we found out, the term 'scooter' is a particularly bad
> choice because it can refer to very different kinds of vehicles. This
> ambiguity even stands after translating the term in other languages,
> e.g. the German word "Roller" has the same issue. What makes it even
> worse is the fact that different people have a different understanding
> of the word, and sometimes are surprised that there is a second meaning.
> The current version of the proposal can be found here:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/ElectricScooters
> Please feel free to comment.
> If you have suggestions for better terms for the tags - very good! I
> don't think we've found the best ones yet.

I looked careful a this important proposal that tries to deal with a number
of vehicles that seemingly have in common several aspects

   - small
   - electric
   - difficult to classify in the international context (wide variety of
   different regulations in different countries)
   - volatile legal definitions (in the sense that at least some of these
   categories are treated in some countries by provisional regulations)
   - often these "new" vehicles are "mapped" on existing ones (example
   electric kick-scooters are treated as bicycles in Italy, pedelecs as
   bicycles, S-pedelecs as mopeds), but these mappings vary from country to

I am worried about introducing any additional vehicle categories for which
we then would have to create and maintain the access tables <http://OSM
tags for routing/Access restrictions>.

I would like to inject here the idea for a radically different approach to
Instead of creating new vehicle categories, I would suggest to (try to)
create country specific tables for these new vehicles that reflect their
legal equivalent referring to those already categories hat arer already
used in the access tables <http://OSM tags for routing/Access restrictions>

*Specific comments* on the proposed wiki page.

If we want to be exhaustive we have to take care also of motorized

unmotorised kick scooters are not electrical vehicles, and should not be
part of a proposal for *Electric* Scooters.

"small electrical vehicle" is a category in Germany that groups together
segways, hoverboards and motorized kick scooters, but in Italy they are
treated separately: electric kick scooters are treated roughly like
bicycles, hoverboards and segways are generally limited to private property
and specific areas set out by local administrations. In addition the legal
basis in Italy is provisional and expires next year. So this category is
not suitable to Italy

An electric_mofa (is that a pedelec or an S-pedelec?)  is (most likely?)
equivalent to a mofa with combustion engine (unless there is a local ban on
non-electrial motorized vehicles)
In the same way an electric_moped is most likely equivalent to moped with
combustion engine

mobility_scooter: in Italy these are not considered "vehicles" at all, but
as medical mobility aid. They have their own regulations: they are treated
like pedestrians, they have to use the pavements (sidewalks), and, where
those are not available use the carriageway, but on the left hand side in
the opposite direction of the motorized traffic.

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