[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Electric) Scooters

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Mon Apr 19 14:23:57 UTC 2021

On 19.04.21 11:34, Volker Schmidt wrote:

That's a huge amount of text and I can't quote all of that, so here are 
just a few responses:

 >difficult to classify in the international context
Yes, that's already stated in the proposal. Classification has to be 
done on a local level. The proposal is about introducing keywords that 
can be used in any context. E.g. the tagging of a shop for kick scooters 
can be globally identical, no matter what local law says.

 >unmotorised kick scooters are not electrical vehicles, and should
 >not be part of a proposal for Electric Scooters.
The proposal is about getting the 'scooter' issue resolved - maybe the 
"electric" can be dropped from the title.

 >An electric_mofa (is that a pedelec or an S-pedelec?)
Neither. A pedelec is "electric_bicycle" and an S-pedelec is 

 >"small electrical vehicle" is a category in Germany that groups
 >together segways, hoverboards and motorized kick scooters, but
 >in Italy they are treated separately
The classification comes from a EU directive, so should(tm) be very 
similar in every member country, eventually, at some point in the future.

 >In the same way an electric_moped is most likely equivalent to
 >moped with combustion engine
That's what the proposal says. Use the normal tag whenever there is no 
distinction made. But if a rental station offers electric mopeds, that 
should be possible to tag.

 >mobility_scooter: in Italy these are not considered "vehicles" at all
As are wheelchairs - and still we need a proper tag for them.

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