[Tagging] Proposed rewrite Of highway=track wiki page - Third Draft

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Tue Apr 20 14:31:44 UTC 2021


warning : the content of my message is a bit dry and could be taken
as a personal criticism, this is not the case.

Le 20.04.21 à 16:01, Adam Franco a écrit :
> What is the best mechanism to notify non-English communities about this
> revision and encourage updating the other-language versions?

that's the main issue with a full rewrite :
The diff in the historiy is unreadable, so hard to explain
to anybody else.
The comment of the change is a non-explanation of the change.
"Replace content as discussed on the tagging mailing list
if someone had made such a change in a page I monitor, I think
I would have made a revert with the mention "made understandable
changes" and then try to make them understandable, readable
modifications in order to check the relevance of each modified set.

Does anyone really hope that all translators will read the 20
or so pages to understand the subtleties of many words so that
they are not lost in translation ?
I doubt it
I don't see how I'm going to translate this new version, I didn't
even announce it on the list where I'm active so it's nebulous.
I think it is up to the authors to make the summary that should
have been written as a comment to the wiki modification.

and it's not only the wiki, next will come the need to do X times the
translation of each language for each tool (once for iD, once for josm,
once for such other tool, ...)


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