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> On 20 Apr 2021, at 10:11, nathan case <nathancase at outlook.com> wrote:
> Agreed entirely, and it was my understanding that this is what building:use is for?
> So, amenity=place_of_worship, building=hangar, and (optionally, since the amenity tag has already been added) building:use=place_of_worship.

building:use is typically used when we haven’t another tag for the feature: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/building:use#values

the vast majority uses the coarse landuse classes like residential and commercial. We model buildings distinct from features also because there isn’t a 1:1 relationship, features often occupy only part of a building or more than one building.

You can add building:use=place_of_worship, but it is the same tag regardless whether there is one place of worship or 2 in the building. 

This said, I am aware that for the case of having just one user occupying an entire building, for which we didn’t take the time to describe it in more detail than “yes“ or maybe a building type, a typical osm representation can have the building and its user agglomerated in a single object.

Cheers Martin 
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