[Tagging] remove “rendering” from proposal template

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri Apr 23 01:44:44 UTC 2021

>>> Let’s remove “Rendering” from the template.

I think there is a balance to be struck here.  If we leave "Rendering" in the template — I think it is a good idea to do so — it should be emphasized that these are SUGGESTIONS to rendering:  a "weak" section that is wholly independent of being implemented by ANY renderer, should the proposal be Approved.  So perhaps the simple re-titling of the section to "Rendering Suggestions" will convey that these are merely (emphasis on MERELY) "suggestions."  By "weak" I mean  "not strictly tied to the rest of what is being Proposed."

If we do so, there might also be "stock text" always appearing at the beginning of said "Rendering Suggestions" section.  The text that follows is rather quickly invented, but I'm thinking something like "While proposals can have significant effects on rendering, any actual rendering of this syntax is not the focus of what is being proposed here.  However, should this Proposal become Approved, here are the proposal author's ideas on suggestions on how various aspects of the proposal MIGHT be rendered:"  And then a table or simple text description can show an icon, .png, symbol, fill color, shading, edge, way or line segment that has a particular thickness, hatching and/or color, et cetera.  The text should make it clear that THIS section, THESE suggestions (and they are SUGGESTIONS only), regarding rendering, are wholly independent of being enacted should the proposal become Approved.

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