[Tagging] remove “rendering” from proposal template

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 19:23:01 UTC 2021

I think it's about renderability and usability of the data, not about
prescribing what a particular renderer or data user should do exactly. Many
proposals do not consider that enough, which gives the data users an extra
headache or just leads to nothing.

If the proposer voices her or his thoughts, it gives participants the
opportunity to comment on that in a positive way. The ideas may be spot-on,
fine. Or they may show misunderstanding of what it takes to render or use
the proposed tagging, given the current state of the database. Or there may
be an easier or quicker way to accomplish the same result.

Let's not call this mandatory, just encouragement to think it through. If a
proposer  doesn't consider impact, usability, and backward compatibility,
chances are the proposal will not make the cut.

 Peter Elderson

Op za 24 apr. 2021 om 20:56 schreef Marc_marc <marc_marc at mailo.com>:

> Hello,
> resend, rewording the second point that was not clear
> Le 24.04.21 à 20:18, Brian M. Sperlongano a écrit :
> > just an impact statement
> how could a proposal decide what is not within its scope ?
> you can have a proposal with 1000 yes voters and 0 against,
> if osmcarto (or any other style) thinks that there is not enough
> object or that it is "not material" (like for the clubs rendering),
> the only thing you can say is "osmcarto will decide and not the proposal".
> as much as I find it interesting that the wiki contains icon proposals
> to inspire or facilitate the different styles, I find that it has no
> place in a "proposed feature": we don't vote on a rendering and talking
> about rendering is confusing or misleading, at least in the current
> state of governance of the different styles.
> > and/or transition plan
> making this point mandatory only reinforces the immobility, which
> is unfortunately already over-represented in the "permanent voters".
> and again, an accepted proposal does not currently give you the right
> to launch a mass edition. so you're making people vote on a procedure
> that doesn't have a vote, it's a confusing regression
> Regards,
> Marc
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