[Tagging] remove “rendering” from proposal template

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sun Apr 25 11:20:09 UTC 2021

> stevea <steveaosm at softworkers.com> hat am 24.04.2021 20:33 geschrieben:
> The "someone propos(ing) to expand A to include additional features" must do so in the realm of syntax / tagging.  The "how does a renderer cope with those additional features and choose to render them" must happen in the realm of renderer authors.

That is a very good point and one i also tend to emphasize.  To put it on an even more abstract level:  The semiotics of mapping in OSM are and should be treated as fundamentally different from the semiotics of cartography.  Trying to conflate the two will always result in failure in the form of either bad mapping or bad cartography.  OSM-Carto always struggles with that because of our goal for the map being intuitively understandable for the mapper.  Creating a decent cartography in light of that goal is always a challenge.

It would be naive to expect mappers to ignore the cartographic use of the data when making tagging decisions (though it does not hurt to strive doing exactly that).  But when mappers envision how people might use their data in visual applications (either in a proposal or in tagging documentation in general) it is advisable to focus less on the wishful thinking of how the mapper from their necessarily narrow perspective would like to see their data visualized in a specific type of map (like OSM-Carto usually) but to collect more broadly possible visualization ideas or concepts for pictorial representation.  See for example what Jerry and i wrote in the past about woodland depiction in maps:


It would be of high value, also beyond the scope of OSM alone, to collect and document such ideas from a broad range of cultural backgrounds world wide - much more than just putting up a mockup illustration of the first symbol that comes to mind for the writer of a proposal showing how they - to put it bluntly - would imagine this to be shown in the map after thinking about it for five minutes.

Christoph Hormann

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