[Tagging] Who has the last word over the access tag?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 25 22:00:35 UTC 2021


On 4/25/21 23:01, Clifford Snow wrote:
> I think something must be missing from your fable since all the answers 
> come back to the logical conclusion that the access=private isn't valid.

There's nothing missing from the fable. The crux is that it is 
*possible* that the coup is ended at some time in the future and "order 
restored", and everything the self-proclaimed government did is declared 
void (they never were "a government" they just were a bunch of 
terrorists with guns), and then everyone who has walked on your private 
property and uploaded that to YouTube might be liable to prosecution 
(because it has always been private, just the owner was temporarily 
unable to enforce it).

So we have an access restriction which is currently not enforcable by 
the person who has a legal claim; we don't know if it ever will be (the 
self-proclaimed island government might successfully set up an 
independent state and their jurisdiction holds, or they might crumble 
and things would return to the status quo ante).

That's the whole point of this fable - how enforcable and how enforced 
does an access restriction have to be to be mapped in OSM. The land 
owner has the paperwork saying the land is his. If he managed to bring 
this before some sort if international court that court would probably 
say, yes, the island government wasn't legit and they had no right to 
simply take that away from you. But the island government is going to 
shrug and say, whatever, come and get it if you dare. (There are some 
parallels here to how Israel treats Palestine, though this is not the 
concrete case that gave rise to my posting.)


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