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> PS I guess forestry_compartments are not necessarily numbered but can have other labels? Nederland has forestry_compartments labeled A, B, ....I just hiked through such a forestry area which, besides the labeled tree covered areas, includes scrublands (with managed trees), lakes (with managed trees in and around), sand dunes (with managed trees) and heath areas (with managed trees). Would these different areas also be forestry compartments? They tend to have names rather than numbers or letters.

Typically, compartments have a ref (not necessarily a number; that may be letters) which is unique inside the given forest, but there may be named features encompassed by a compartment: these features are encompassed by the compartments and are considered part of them by foresters and on-the-ground marks, but they also are considered a feature in themselves (they are not or only partly wooded). For instance, in my area, bogs are frequently encompassed in a compartment with a ref, but these bogs also have a name; compartment ref and feature name are two different things that may overlap. This reasoning is the goal of the use of boundaries: the features (ponds, bogs, scrublands…) have a separate physical existence, but they are arbitrarily divided in compartments and encompassed by them by humans which consider these features as part of the forestry area, even if they are not or partially wooded. That may be because these non-wooded areas are:

- managed by the manager of the surrounding forest;
- under reforestation;
- lands with a distinct, wood-related ecosystem (glades for instance, which essentially exist because they are in a wooded area, else they would be called grasslands);
- legally considered part of the surrounding forestry area, i.e. they are subject to the same subset of laws, rights and obligations ([[w:fr:Régime forestier] Régime forestier](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fr:R%C3%A9gime_forestier) in France, for instance).
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