[Tagging] RFC new role value for recreational routes

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 19:47:51 UTC 2021

I am in a discussion with French mappers of hiking routes (GR).
They are completing and correcting all GR's in France, and creating QA
tooling and a presentation site.

They need a solution for sections of long trails which require a transfer.
By train, by cable car, by ferry. I would like to add: a solution that
works for all recreational routes.

This solution should enable data users to query for (routes containing)
such sections; to calculate length (distance) including and excluding such
sections. And in the first place, such sections should be allowed in the
routes, even if the transport mode differs from the rest of the route.

Proposed solution
I propose a new role value. for
role *transfer* A transfer section, signposted or otherwise indicated as a
regular part of the route. The traveler is transferred by a different means
of transport e.g. cable car, train or boat from the end of one section to
the beginning of the next.

As with the other roles, this role can be applied to way members and/or to
relation members. Data users can decide how to deal with sections with this
role with regard to filtering, rendering, data presentation, computing
length and elevation profiles, routing.

Voting? I'd rather not...
Since it's only a niche role value, my preference would be to discuss
the proposed new value here and then add it to the wiki, unless there are
significant objections.Then I will bring it to the attention of relevant
developers of tools, renderers and communities.

Peter Elderson
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