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On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 6:38 PM Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:

> I wonder if we could agree on a concise section of advisory text about
> naming routes, ready for inclusion in the many existing pages about routes.

For route=road, I would recommend noname=yes instead on most route=road
relations, unless you're hitting an edge case situation like, say,
Oklahoma's name=42nd "Rainbow" Infantry Division Memorial Highway. Please
note that the route has a name that matches some, but not all, member ways,
intentionally: The route itself is literally named "42nd "Rainbow" Infantry
Division Memorial Highway" and signed at about as regular intervals as any
name for a road in Oklahoma. Most people call it "Highway 51", however,
which is accurately represented by "network=US:OK" and "ref=51" anyway.
Some member ways match the name of the route, most don't.

Granted this gets messy in weird edge cases. For example, when a local area
signs a highway in total violation of state law. The DWG, for example, has
ruled that the Liberty Parkway in Oklahoma does not exist, solely on the
basis that the City of Broken Arrow signs this as "Turnpike
East/West/North/South" at intersections and the state has provided three
places for the actual name of the road: Once at each end, and once in state
law. Half of this road is signed as "Turnpike North" and "Turnpike South"
at ramps which is wholly inaccurate. The whole route is called "Creek
Turnpike", and Liberty Parkway is a member of it, and it is a state road
signed as such, but that's not how it's tagged in OSM by DWG fiat largely
on the basis of inaccurate Broken Arrow signage. That said, I'm working on
getting Broken Arrow to post correct signage.
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