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> I a also dubious about usefulness of mapping this in OSM

I have doubts it is going to be of other than short-term significance.
Either we
switch to renewable energy (plus nuclear) pretty much completely in the
near future or we may soon not have a technological civilization at all
(maybe nothing more than isolated remnants of humanity in the worst
case, a Mad Max world).

In any case, the costs of renewables have dropped to the point
where they are already cheaper than fossil fuels, so the interests of
capitalism coincide with enlightened self-interest.  Fossil fuel plants
are being decommissioned ahead of schedule.  There will still
be gas turbines to pick up surges in load for many years to come,
but they'll soon cease to be used for primary generation.

As a way of trying to force governments to pass laws promoting
renewable electricity, it's no longer really required.  It is now
nothing more than an advertising gimmick, and one with a
relatively short life ahead of it.

I doubt I'll be using the tag if we ever settle on it.  I also will
not mourn if we never come up with a tag for it, because a
few years from now it will just be clutter as everyone will
be providing renewable electricity.  Then we'd need a tag
for the few places supplying non-renewable electricity.

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