[Tagging] Highway=rest_area on bicycle or foot routes ?

ael witwall3 at disroot.org
Sat Jan 2 17:00:30 UTC 2021

On Sat, Jan 02, 2021 at 02:03:33PM +0000, Jeremy Harris wrote:
> On 02/01/2021 13:36, Paul Allen wrote:
> > it would be nice to have a good way of indicating those short lengths of
> > road are a layby.
> Just stick a node on the road with "amenity=parking" "parking=layby" ?

Or just parking=layby ?

I have just checked the latest josm, and confirmed that there is no tag
for layby. Looking at 
I see

"These areas are also commonly referred to as rest stops, turnouts, or
lay-bys." [snip]

"In the UK, lay-bys are marked with a blue-background "P" symbol,
identical to that used for parking areas. The most common variety is a
simple, ..." [1]

So that wiki page includes laybys as rest_areas, so the josm authors can
perhaps be forgiven for thinking that there is no (need for) a
separate layby tag.

But I think the vast majority of UK mappers would disagree.

I think parking=layby is quite well established, but perhaps
a subtag rest_area=layby might fit. I think I have done that before now.

But it would be good to come to some agreement, update the wiki and
ask the editor authors to include laybys in their presets.

[1] Not all laybys are marked with a blue-background "P" .


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