[Tagging] Proposed feature - Voting - electricity

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Jan 3 03:10:54 UTC 2021

Thank you, Dolly.  I like wider perspective including Africa.  Great timing, too, as "how Africa powers" is a timely voice here and now.

This is a fair-sized planet and a global project.  Our tagging must be strong enough to accommodate that and for the most part is.  Going forward, designing wide-perspective tagging really should take, well, a global, wide perspective.

I have always thought of my solar panels as "generators" of power, since that's what they are (and have been for decades, the little champs!)  I think we can apply that logic to wind turbine and photoelectric alike as generators.  Generators is how they integrate into our electricity grids right now; solar and wind power are an absolutely included part of the mix of what we mean by "available electricity."  And in a feature like this, they are generators, full stop.

We can talk about a good tagging proposal and how complete and worldwide it is without going too far down the road of distractions like "no nukes" or "oil must end" sorts of talk.

Lukas' proposal is like beautiful wet clay on the throwing wheel right now, turning into something, developing into something about to blossom, perhaps.  Might it need "bolstering" in a rapidly-evolving future?  Sure, of course.  We mix the paint to a certain color, today.  Is it strong enough, smart enough, expansive enough?  Designing something like a worldwide mapping syntax for electricity and how it is delivered all over the world has to start somewhere.  It also has to be vetted and have "legs to grow."

We keep walking, we keep talking.  It's good.


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