[Tagging] Order of parts of keys / Suffix, Prefix, Namespaces

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Sun Jan 3 18:43:10 UTC 2021

Dear all,
we have quite many prefixes and suffixes for keys that can be added to 
the main key as necessary to describe objects in more and more detail. 
Each of these components is documented rather well (some more, some less 
so) and also the relationship of a suffix to the main key is usually 
documented, mostly with examples. What we are missing is some general 
overview that puts the different suffixes in relation to each other.

Surprisingly, actual tagging is quite consistent in this respect. I 
tried to compile a list with a general tagging scheme that can be used 
as a reference to define the order of parts in a composite key:


I'd like to ask you for some comments as well as more exceptions I 
failed to identify. I'd also like to compile a list with real-world 
examples that are actually in use (and meaningful).

Please note that this is not meant to advocate new and complicated tags, 
but is just to combine everything we use so far into one document.
I.e. don't add
to tag that you checked the fact that one of the lanes of a road had a 
weight limitation for trucks during peak hours for several years has 
ended 8 years ago and is still not active any more.


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