[Tagging] Changing proposal process rules - RFC

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 22:43:13 UTC 2021

On Wed, 6 Jan 2021 at 22:48, Brian M. Sperlongano <zelonewolf at gmail.com>

> I dislike the fact that RFC and voting announcements are mixed with
> general discussion on the tagging list.  I think many people prefer not to
> subscribe to the list because it is high volume, but would be interested in
> subscribing to a list that only has RFC/vote announcements.  I would be in
> favor of a separate mailing list that people could subscribe to for just
> those announcements.  The key would be moderating that list in such a way
> that only announcements are posted there while discussion still happens on
> tagging in the usual way.

I also like the idea of a RFC / Voting list but can see that it would raise
some problems as well.

You'd have to post to 2 separate lists to say "RFC on this proposal", then
discuss it on the tagging list as well as the talk page, & probably also on
the RFC list as well, because somebody will invariably make a comment on
there :-(

& then somebody will get cross, & vote No because you didn't respond to
their comment, which has been buried in a mass of others :-(

Starts getting complicated very quickly.


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