[Tagging] Changing proposal process rules - RFC

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 08:17:05 UTC 2021

2021-01-07, kt, 00:38 Graeme Fitzpatrick rašė:
> But I think you would find that a lot (the majority? - possibly even the vast
> majority?) of mappers couldn't care less about "Cartography, GIS or IT" -
> they became part of OSM to put details on a map, & that's all they're
> interested in doing!

  You're right that majority of OSMers do not know Cartography, GIS or
IT - that is fine (and that is "by design"). I'm NOT proposing to
convert OSM to some kind of professional/expert cartographers guild*.

  But I'm not sure that majority of OSMers would like Cartography, GIS
or IT to be ignored and consciously do the opposite even when

  Resulting maps CAN be pleasant to look at and cartographically
sound, they CAN communicate the message, data CAN be usable for
analysis/research, software CAN be on the spearhead of a global
cartography research, but for that we need to safeguard OSM against
wide-impact actions of people who do not understand Cartography, GIS
or IT and do not want to know/learn anything about it.

* In one of SOTM presentations (2019?) Frederik Ramm has mentioned
something about a time when (approximate quote) "cartographers tried
to rule the OSM but that did not work out". It would be interesting to
hear more about that. I've either joined later, or totally missed that


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