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Lukas Richert lrichert at posteo.de
Fri Jan 8 11:24:36 UTC 2021

Would signed_origin be clear enough? I still really dislike having an 
underscore but would be a bit shorter and maybe make clear the only what 
is stated on a nearby sign should be mapped.

On 02/01/2021 14:31, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging wrote:
> Jan 1, 2021, 11:25 by lrichert at posteo.de:
>     Ah I replied on the wiki, but I'll do so here to with some more
>     examples.
>     On 01/01/2021 08:34, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
>>     I still have 3 major concerns with this proposal.
>>     1) I share the concerns of Mateusz Konieczny that a tag like "
>>     electricity:grid:origin=hydro"  is not verifiable, it's just
>>     advertising. I don't think this is something we should try to map
>>     in OpenStreetMap, because we try to avoid adding tags which are
>>     advertising claims which cannot be confirmed to be true or false.
>     The wiki explicitly mentions financial means and guarantees of
>     origin are financial products and physics obviously dictates that
>     electrons are not distinguishable particles.
> I have no trouble with tagging presence of advertised claims of 
> guarantees of origin.
> But I want to make clear that we are tagging advertised claims, not 
> guarantees of origin
> that require financial/legal analysis rather than on the ground survey.
>     However, in OSM we also map organic farm shops and opening hours
>     advertising among a host of other features that are indicated by
>     signage. These are also not verifiable by a mapper
> Opening hours are fully verifiable by mapper. Unsigned ones can be 
> obtained by asking
> employees, and even in absurd cases of intentionally misleading info 
> you can
> verify when something is open by checking it sufficiently often.
> In cases of guarantees of origin mapper can verify advertised claims, 
> but checking
> actually signed contract requires legal analysis and in my opinion is 
> utterly unsuitable
> for OpenStreetMap.
> I a also dubious about usefulness of mapping this in OSM and I am not 
> going to do that,
> but if someone wants to map kind of advertisements, I have no trouble 
> with that.
>     If a sign clearly indicates 'renewable energy' then it should be
>     possible for it to be tagged.
> +1 - but electricity:grid:origin is in my opinion extremely poor tag 
> for that, I would be fine
> with electricity:advertised_origin
>     If you personally don't believe this makes any difference, then
>     simply don't use these tags to filter, but please do allow others
>     to make that choice.
> +1
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