[Tagging] Grouping buildings together using relations

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Jan 10 09:55:33 UTC 2021

On Jan 10, 2021, at 1:45 AM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Joseph, 
> The multipolygon solution is OK as long as you do not have to include node-type objects.

AFAIK, node objects are just fine in multipolygons.  They are uncommon, but they are OK.  There is no "prohibition" against them.

> "My" university example includes nodes, typically smaller University institutes that occupy only part of a building, hence are tagged as nodes within the building or on the outline of the building they are in.

Works for me.

> Another remark: You say " I believe this is a mis-use of the concept of relations in OpenStreetMap, since it is not representing a distinct feature that can be observed to exist locally, on the ground."
> Where does this come from? What about e.g. boundary relations?

Volker asks an excellent question here.  I also await Joseph's answer here.

> Also this one: " mapping widely disparate faculties in different neighborhoods as one database object is not something that can be verified practically by mappers. "

Volker make an excellent observation here.  (I think Joseph means "facilities" instead of "faculties," I might be mistaken).  Widely disparate facilities in different neighborhoods is indeed something that happens with (especially very large) universities (the "campus" is spread out over multiple sites in a larger city, for example).  It most certainly CAN be verified practically by mappers.  It might take a while to visit all of the disparate sites, but it most certainly can be done.  If widely disparate collections of buildings on multiple (but relatively close-by) sites make up a single university, they should all be in the same relation.  Whether buildings as ways or nodes that are sensibly tagged.  I've never used a "site relation," but that seems like a dead-on bullseye example ideally suited to the concept.

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