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For me (not an expert, not a native speaker, limited personal experience so
> far)
> my initial thought before looking at definitions is to think about
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_therapy
> Note header and explicit "is distinct from radiology" in the third
> paragraph,
> so this confusion is not unique to me.

Radiology is about using invisible rays (X-Rays, radio waves from nuclear
magnetic resonance, ultrasound, etc.) to look inside patients.

Radiation therapy is about using invisible rays (X-Rays, protons, etc.) to
destroy selected (usually cancerous) tissue inside patients.

The term "radiology" has linguistic roots that imply it could mean
either examination or treatment but using it to mean examination
predates the use of radiation therapy.  Since the two things
are very different, radiology means just the examination

I'm not an expert either, so Joseph may be along to correct me,
but that's my understanding of the terms.

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