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> If it has inpatient beds where you can stay overnight with a nurse on
> call, 24/7, if needed, then it is an amenity=hospital.

That accords with my understanding (as a consumer of medical
services, not a supplier).  Others have suggested that a hospital
has an A&E department rather than just a minor injuries unit, but
for me beds define whether it's a hospital or not.  However,
I've encountered a "day hospital" with no beds, but that was
really the marketing name for an operational unit in a larger

> If it only has outpatient facilities then it sounds like a large
> amenity=clinic, plus perhaps a separate laboratory (healthcare=laboratory),
> dentist office (amenity=dentist), and maybe even an imaging center (see the
> related thread to discuss that) and an "urgent care" clinic? Though it
> might be fine to tag these as properties of the clinic if they are all part
> of one operation with a shared lobby and shared check-in or reception.

Complicated.  Yes, there's a shared reception.  Who direct you to the
appropriate place, many of which have their own reception.

Extremely complicated.  General practises (a group of doctors) In the UK
are not employees of the national health service but are independent
sub-contractors to it.  This Integrated Care Centre has, within it,
a general practise.

It also has a dental surgery.  Dentists, like general practitioners,
are not employees of the national health service but are independent

Tag the care centre as a clinic with lots of specialities and you
lose sight of where the only doctors in the town are.  Tag
the care centre as a clinic and its sub-units as separate clinics,
all within the same building, and you get a bit of a mess.  Tag
the care centre as a hospital and people will complain that
there are no beds.

> Since it is already hard enough to distinguish amenity=clinic from
> amenity=doctors, it would be hard to add a third level of outpatient
> facility larger than a clinic. (I would be interested in a new tag for
> outpatient surgery facilities which have specialized operating rooms but no
> inpatient beds, but it does not sound like that is part of your example)

I don't think they do outpatient surgery, just check-ups and mobility types
of thing.

> As an example, the building where I work has a primary care clinic with a
> half-dozen physicians and an equal number of Nurse Practitioners
> (Pediatrics and Family Medicine), a lab for blood draws, urine tests, and
> other usual things. Then there is also a pharmacy in the same building, a
> dental clinic on another floor, a senior services center, an office for
> social workers and some other health department offices. Sometimes there is
> an in-person voting center at the time of elections.

Sounds very similar, apart from the voting.  It's more than an assembly of
clinics in my case because there is some semblance of joined-up
thinking behind it, hence the "integrated" part of the name.

> Just like we would map each office as a separate feature in a big office
> building, I think these should each be mapped as separate features - though
> since the laboratory is only part of the clinic we could include it as a
> property, and that can also be the case when there are x-rays or ultrasound
> available at a clinic.

Other than the fact that the name of the place is "Cardigan Integrated Care
Centre" and that appears in the address of all its component clinics, that
would almost work.  It's a bedless hospital.

Speaking of beds and hospitals, will we ever have a tag to denote
wards (British English usage - the rooms with beds in them)?  The
nearest big hospital to me has about a dozen wards scattered
around six or seven buildings.  It would be helpful to people
to be able to see where those wards are on a map, because
there are several car parking areas scattered around the

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