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Well, in town centre of Milton Keynes, we have a stand-alone diagnostic facility, just behind a supermarket, on the ground floor, below some flats, so nowhere near the hospital....

...which provide CT Scans (a form of X-ray), MRI, Ultrasound and "DEXA Scan" (Dual X-ray Absorption scan for bone density, apparently)
They are a private company, but  relative of mine was sent there by the NHS, who picked up the bill.
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>The British English term is x-ray.

>The people who operate them are radiographers, radiotherapy is treatment not imagining.  Probably worth mapping as part of >micromapping hospital departments, but different to this.

>X-ray is not something that in my experience that is standlone but a department within most hospitals.

>To find them you follow the signs to x-ray.

>Other imagining technology used are things like ultrasound, again another hospital department.

>Phil (trigpoint)

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>> >> In the USA there are many private medical imaging facilities where you can
>> >> get x-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI etc, with a doctor's order.
>> >>
>> >> I'm surprised we don't have a tag for this.
>> >>
>> >> There are a number of specialty imaging centers in my city, and I send
>> >> patients there when I want them to get outpatient imaging done: e.g.
>> >> https://www.mycdi.com/locations/portland/ - and there are many more which
>> >> are inside of a larger clinic or hospital.
>> >>
>> >> Tags in use include healthcare=radiology - though this is a bit ambiguous -
>> >> perhaps amenity=medical_imaging or healthcare=medical_imaging is clearer?
>> >> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/healthcare=radiology
>> >>
>> >
>> > I don't see how radiology is ambiguous - I think this is the correct
>> > term in this context, quote WP: «In the clinical context, "invisible
>> > light" medical imaging is generally equated to radiology or "clinical
>> > imaging" and the medical practitioner responsible for interpreting (and
>> > sometimes acquiring) the images is a radiologist.»
>> >
>> For me (not an expert, not a native speaker, limited personal experience so far)
>> my initial thought before looking at definitions is to think about 
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_therapy
>> Note header and explicit "is distinct from radiology" in the third paragraph,
>> so this confusion is not unique to me.

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