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Greetings and sorry for the late reply through this thread. So some updates
with our HIV facilities tagging - from our previously 200 HIV facilities
located in April we are now upto 450+ out of the remaining 650+ located
features which we are not yet able to upload yet  since we our team of
mappers haven't really finalized our tagging scheme and we were focused in
validating the data we were able to collect.

Considering all the feedback garnered, our team agreed with this tagging
scheme so that we can proceed in adding our data on OpenStreetMap:

1. We will be using *disease:hiv=yes *to identify all HIV related features
and facilities - this will also include social facilities, housing, and
various AIDS service organization offices. For example: For an AIDS Service
NGO, we can tag office=ngo + disease:hiv=yes and for legal services we can
do office=lawyer + disease:hiv=yes. We can then add the operator=* tag in
order to link the relation of the office to the said company/ bigger office
2. For the health facilities features (most of the identified locations are
doctor's or nurse's offices with more or less 1-3 staff or health
practicioners, thus we thought of tagging it as *health_facilty:type=office
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Healthcare_2.0> *(since
most of all features identified are offices under a designated building or
floor, in addition there is no healthcare=office and amenity=doctors
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Ddoctors> or
amenity=nurse do not actually sum up the composition of the hiv
facilitating team in an office and we would want to put on that flexibility
in the definition). Interestingly, there have been more than 2,500+ uses
according to taginfo
3. In order not to mix it up with the schedule or contact information of
the hospital or ngo or clinic or centre (it is mostly inside one) because
it has it's own schedule for visiting hours, we will be adding it to the
health_facility:type=office primary tag.
4. Lastly, we really saw how extensive the tagging initially proposed
already and would not complicate things with the multitude and complication
of tagging thus we will be adding the description=* tag based on the type
of facility we are tagging (whether it would only be for testing, primary
health care facility, or a treatment hub.

We plead for your comments oh great tagging gurus and experts on our said
proposal. You may visit our new tagging scheme at this page
Lastly we would hope you can help us create a tag preset on OSM ID editor
as we are not that experts on github :)

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 1:09 AM Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Apr 2020 at 17:48, <Lukas-458 at web.de> wrote:
>> I even do not know whether there is a consensus.
>  Not yet.  Maybe never.
>> In Germany, we use "amenity=clinic" often for everything which has not
>> "hospital" (in german) in their name but looks like a hospital, often the
>> difference is just emergency=no.
> That sounds like the distinction between what the UK calls a general
> hospital
> (big, with emergency unit) and a cottage hospital (small, with only a minor
> injuries unit).  Both have inpatient beds.  Both have "hospital" in their
> names.
> But in the UK we're moving away from cottage hospitals to "Integrated Care
> Centres."  They include much of what a cottage hospital did and also other
> things like a doctors' general practice and social workers.  But,
> crucially,
> no inpatient beds.  They're not called hospitals by the health boards and
> the
> public don't think of them as hospitals because there are no beds.  They
> include departments that would be tagged as clinics in their own right
> if they were stand-alone, such as X-ray and physiotherapy.  Too big
> to be tagged as a clinic, no beds so they're not a hospital.
> Something else we could use a tag for.  We either need to be able to
> specify hospital types such as general and cottage, then hammer the
> square peg of an integrated care centre into the round hole of a
> type of hospital or we need healthcare=integrated_care_centre.
> --
> Paul
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