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Thanks to @Paul, @Graeme, @Colin, @Martin (and any others whom I missed) for their contributions.
I regret that addr:place and addr:suburb are *not* appropriate in this case.  The whole of Foo Road is in an area /  neighbourhood / locality / suburb - or whatever you want to call it.  I have not added that to the addresses of individual houses, as they are all located within the mapped area "Poshvillage", which is itself within the mapped area of "Bigtown".  (Bigtown has been growing since the 1960s and has swallowed up Poshvillage and Thisvillage and Thatvillage) 
Also, "addr:name=Bar Cottages 1; addr:name=Bar Cottages 2", is (IMHO) no better than my current position of "addr:name=1 Bar Cottages; addr:name=2 Bar Cottages", which at least preserves the string "<n> Bar Cottages" in the form that it is used and displayed. 
I will look back at the discussion on "Dependent Thoroughfare", but that might take me a while - I have already looked once and missed it, but now that I have been reminded of the correct terminology, I might get on better.

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On Sat, 16 Jan 2021 at 00:53, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> Would it work using Bar Cottage 1 & Bar Cottage 2 as building names,
> leaving the address just as Foo Road, Smallville?

Some of them have house names as well as numbers.  Some of them
have a house name but do not display a number.  Some have a number
but not a name.

Roby, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
Maes yr Haf, 2 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
Brynheulog, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
Brynteg, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
5 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.

Don't ask me which one didn't display a number, it was a long
time ago.  It was one in the middle, though.  It was clear it had
a number and what the number was.

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