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Peter Neale nealepb at yahoo.co.uk
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Having now looked back at the discussion thread of December (thanks to @Colin Smale for pointing the way there), I think that "addr:parentstreet=*" would be the best treatment for my use case; it already has almost 3,600 uses, according to TagInfo, but is not documented in the Wiki page for Key:addr.

At the risk of opening a can or worms, I propose to create a proposal to add "addr:parentstreet=*" to the Keg:addr page (so I suppose this email is a meta proposal!).

I am not aware of any previous formal proposal, or existing definition that would conflict.  Before I start drafting, does anyone want to object (or offer help) to the principle of raising such a proposal? 

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>>Thanks to @Paul, @Graeme, @Colin, @Martin (and any others whom I missed) for their contributions.
>>I regret that addr:place and addr:suburb are *not* appropriate in this case.  The whole of Foo Road is in an area /  >neighbourhood / locality / suburb - or whatever you want to call it.  I have not added that to the addresses of individual >houses, as they are all located within the mapped area "Poshvillage", which is itself within the mapped area of "Bigtown".  >(Bigtown has been growing since the 1960s and has swallowed up Poshvillage and Thisvillage and Thatvillage) 
>Also, "addr:name=Bar Cottages 1; addr:name=Bar Cottages 2", is (IMHO) no better than my current position of >"addr:name=1 Bar Cottages; addr:name=2 Bar Cottages", which at least preserves the string "<n> Bar Cottages" in the form >that it is used and displayed. 
>>I will look back at the discussion on "Dependent Thoroughfare", but that might take me a while - I have already looked once>and missed it, but now that I have been reminded of the correct terminology, I might get on better.

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>>Subject: Re: [Tagging] Street and Sub-Street in Address Tagging
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>>>>On Sat, 16 Jan 2021 at 00:53, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

>>> Would it work using Bar Cottage 1 & Bar Cottage 2 as building names,
>>> leaving the address just as Foo Road, Smallville?

>>Some of them have house names as well as numbers.  Some of them
>>have a house name but do not display a number.  Some have a number
>>but not a name.

>>Roby, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
>>Maes yr Haf, 2 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
>>Brynheulog, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
>>Brynteg, 1 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
>>5 Rock Terrace, Quay Street, Cardigan.
>>>>Don't ask me which one didn't display a number, it was a long
>>time ago.  It was one in the middle, though.  It was clear it had
>>a number and what the number was.



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