[Tagging] noaddress=yes and (possibly) implicit buildings

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 19:29:53 UTC 2021

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> On 17 Jan 2021, at 16:14, Tobias Zwick <osm at westnordost.de> wrote:
> This behavior for Streetcomplete was proposed in
> https://github.com/streetcomplete/StreetComplete/issues/2464
> and this mailing list discussion was created as a response of me saying in that ticket that I think such a behavior of the app would be heavily critized if implemented.

I believe it is not applicable to the Italian situation with housenumbers for entrances, and in those parts of Germany where plots get the number you would suggest the building outline must get the number while it could be more accurate to add the address to the site (particularly where the site is already mapped, i.e. Pois mapped as area) and omit address tags on contained objects like buildings. You would also miss addresses without buildings.

> It's nice to hear that apparently there is not really an opposition to that behavior, but I fear that may be the case because in this discussion it sounds like this is exclusively about some humanitarian mapping in a limited region (and time).

indeed the tag may be fine for some regions, but addresses on buildings should not be something that we generally “enforce”

Cheers Martin 

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