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On Sun, 17 Jan 2021 at 20:33, Tim Magee <timothy at eastlincoln.net> wrote:

> Many zoos (and other parks) in the US (and maybe elsewhere) have small
> trains. These trains are essentially "rides" in the amusement park sense
> of the word.
> According to the wiki right now, a miniature railway should be tagged as
> "railway=miniature". This tag [0] refers to "railways [that] are
> narrower than narrow gauge and carry passengers. They can often be found
> in parks." This is exactly what is often found in zoos and other parks
> throughout the US.

There is another wiki page which expands upon this.  According to
miniature railways are 'Small railways in parks for entertainment or as
a tourist attraction, mostly narrow gauge (up to 600mm). These are often
a "scale" of a "standard" railroad size, for example "1/4 scale miniature

But there are also (very) narrow gauge railways that may be of a
similar physical size to a miniature railway but are actually used to
transport people around a large amusement park.  The
distinction is between an attraction for kids that may not have
any "real" destination (maybe a few halts where they can get off for
a couple of minutes) and a means of transportation for families.

And then you have heritage railways, which are sections of old lines
that have been taken over and are now run as tourist attractions.
They may be standard gauge or narrow gauge.  They're not a sub-attraction
in a larger tourist attraction, they ARE the tourist attraction.

I'm currently trying to enhance one such place.  It used to be a standard
gauge line.  When it was taken over by a heritage operator it was turned
into a narrow gauge line.  Then the guy in charge ripped up part of
the line and substituted a road train, mainly so he could use the
alignment to get at some trees for forestry, damaging the alignment.
Then it got taken over again and they're slowly repairing the damage
done.  And to keep themselves going, they installed a miniature
railway for kiddies.

It all gets kind of messy.

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