[Tagging] Miniature railways and park trains

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Am Mo., 18. Jan. 2021 um 13:34 Uhr schrieb Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com>:

> There is another wiki page which expands upon this.  According to
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenRailwayMap/Tagging#Tracks
> miniature railways are 'Small railways in parks for entertainment or as
> a tourist attraction, mostly narrow gauge (up to 600mm). These are often
> a "scale" of a "standard" railroad size, for example "1/4 scale miniature
> railroad."'
> But there are also (very) narrow gauge railways that may be of a
> similar physical size to a miniature railway but are actually used to
> transport people around a large amusement park.  The
> distinction is between an attraction for kids that may not have
> any "real" destination (maybe a few halts where they can get off for
> a couple of minutes) and a means of transportation for families.

I would see these as railway=miniature
Example here:

Maybe these would also qualify as railway=narrow_gauge?

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