[Tagging] Miniature railways and park trains

Tim Magee timothy at eastlincoln.net
Mon Jan 18 15:58:34 UTC 2021

> The problem is that these are not exclusive. How do we determine which
> aspect is more important?
> Maybe it would make more sense to declare those that could be placed in
> either category (i.e., the big miniature trains) or are overlapping in
> possible usage as "narrow-gauge" and just add some attraction-specific
> tags?
> OTOH, I just discovered that there was a clear distinction written down
> in the proposal of railway=miniature and that is the track width:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/railway%3Dminiature
> i.e., miniature == 2.5" (64mm) to 3.5' (1067mm)

Maybe we should tag all the *rails* of miniature railways as
railway=miniature. If there is only one publicly accessible and
regularly used stop on the system, it is a pure amusement ride and could
be tagged attraction=train or attraction=train_ride. If there are
multiple stops, it could be some form of public transit sort of like
Disney's monorail.

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