[Tagging] objects mixing linear and area (for ex fence and landuse)

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Mon Jan 18 16:40:51 UTC 2021

Am Mo., 18. Jan. 2021 um 17:35 Uhr schrieb Kevin Kenny <
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> Without breaking the line, you have the issue that there are certain
> linear features that can also be area features (or for which area semantics
> have been requested) such as hedges. Breaking the way ensures that the
> feature cannot be misinterpreted as an area just because it's a closed way.

right, although for a fence it hardly seems a sane interpretation. ;)

> As long as there are features with holes, there will be multipolygons. As
> long as we have them, there is minimal harm in using them. Mappers will
> need to learn them sooner or later.  In my arrogant opinion, the largest
> single problem with multipolygons is that several editors don't really
> handle them competently. I can work with them with ease in JOSM - and used
> to do so in Meerkartor - but struggle with them in iD and never even tried
> in Potlatch. This could, I concede, be my ignorance; it could be that iD
> has better multipolygon features that I don't understand and haven't
> troubled to try to learn. I'm fairly satisfied with editing in JOSM. It's
> ugly, but it does what I want to do, and I don't insist on beauty.

agree. But there is an additional load that MPs put on data consumers on db
imports, e.g. with osm2pgsql, because a relation will be parsed after nodes
and ways, and will lead to searching again the ways and then the nodes. The
fewer of these additional scans you have, the faster an import would go
(maybe, I admit I am not fully aware how it is implemented).

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