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Hi Graeme, all,

I have been through both the military=base and military_service=* pages and made a few edits.

I have also added references to both the new tags in all the military=* pages (I think). Additionally, I have set military=naval_base as depreciated and suggested military=base, military_service=Navy as its replacement. I have left military=airfield as it could be independent or linked to, but outside of, a base.

One other big change I’ve made is to the military=barracks page. The English version now explicitly states that barracks are usually part of a larger base or installation and so that larger installation should be tagged as military=base (even if that base is called Something Barracks). There is still a little uncertainty over whether barracks applies to buildings only, or an area inside a base where multiple living quarters/buildings are located.


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I have now created a page for the tag

Please have a look & let me know any concerns, or feel free to make necessary amendments!

I have also raised a question on the talk page re what type of functions a base manly carries out: Operational, Headquarters, Logistics, Training.

Comments & thoughts also welcome there!


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